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Feet Treatments

Having attractive nails on your feet can boost your confidence.
To help you achieve this every day of the week, we offer a selection of pedicures to suit your daily needs that result in clean, soft feet and beautifully polished nails.

Add extra £5 for Shellac Gel or French finish.
Don't forget your flip flops!

Shape Up Pedicure


25 min

File & Varnish. A quick shape up and tidy for great looking nails. Followed with a moisturising foot lotion.

Deluxe Pedicure


50 min

A classic deluxe pedicure. Nails are filed and shaped. Feet are soaked and exfoliated. Cuticles are treated, nails are buffed and shined. Then a smooth foot massage is followed by a varnish with your choice of colour. A real treat for your feet.

Shellac Gel Pedicure

File & Paint


30 min

Full Pedicure


75 min



15 min

Chip resistant high gloss shine with NO drying time and no filling or drilling! Applied to your natural nail, it’s a thin and flexible gel based polish which provides a mirror finish and strong natural nail protection. Your treatment will end with moisturizing foot cream.

Foot Treatment


40 min

Removal of the dry skin from the heels, your feet will be soaked and exfoliated. Followed with a nourishing foot mask and infused with heated booties. Finished off with deep moisturising foot massage.

Little Princess Pedicure


15 min

A quick shaping and moisturising for your little girls' (up to age 10) feet to make them feel pampered and special. We offer a wide selection of glitter and bright colours to complicate matters!

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